About FutureNet

What is the FutureNet Social Platform?

The FutureNet social platform (https://futurenet.club/board) is a place where every user can register a free account, add friends, write posts, comments, share photos and chat with other users.

What is the Matrix System?

To buy a matrix position on FutureNet, navigate to your back office section at ‘Your business’ > ‘Back office’ and click on FUTURENET. Access to the matrix management panel can be found at https://futurenet.club/business/powermatrix. Users can purchase the selected matrix package by clicking on the “Upgrade” button.

How does the Matrix Tree work?

The entire structure of the matrix tree works on the principle of 3x3x3. The tree structure of each matrix is built indefinitely.

Where can I download the FutureNet Marketing Plan?

FutureNet Marketing Plans, Corporate Identity and Marketing Collateral are available at the Download Section at https://futurenet.club/download-list.

Payments and Withdrawals

How do I purchase a Matrix position with CryptoCurrency?

Bitcoin (BTC) payment is one of the fastest ways to purchase a product package. After choosing the level of the matrix system, you will be redirected to a payment page that will show you the exact amount in BTC to transfer, and the address to send the transfer to. Once the transfer has been made and received by the system, the page will automatically refresh and confirm your purchase.

How to I purchase Bitcoins (BTC)?

You can purchase Bitcoin via an exchange, such as https://bx.in.th/. In order to transact on the exchange, you must create a free account for which you will need a copy of your national ID and a picture as proof of sign-up. Once registered, you can deposit funds (THB) to the exchange via bank transfer and then use the Trading window to exchange your funds into Bitcoin. Once the exchange has completed, you can use the withdrawal window to specify the amount in BTC that you wish you withdraw, as well as the recipient address to send the withdrawal to.

For FutureNet purchases, enter the value of the package you wish you buy (the FutureNet payment page will show you the exact amount to send in Bitcoins) and make sure that you add the transfer fee to the amount you are sending, so that it won’t be deducted from the FutureNet payment.

For system to accept the payment, the funds sent have to be the exact needed amount.

Then, enter the wallet address shown on the FutureNet payment page into the withdrawal recipient window and confirm your transaction. You will receive an email from the exchange asking you to confirm the transaction.

Once confirmed, the transaction will be processed and confirmed by the recipient. Keep watching the FutureNet payment page, which automatically refreshes until the payment has been received. Once the payment has been received, your Matrix position will be activated.

How can I request a withdrawal from FutureNet?

Each user of the FutureNet platform has the option of withdrawing the funds deposited on the platform. Withdrawals of funds only apply to commissions received. The payment also means the creation of vouchers from the funds available in your account. The payment is executed via the following methods: Payza, Neteller, Perfect Money, Bank transfer, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, 2Pay4You, AdvCash.

After entering the withdrawal amount, choosing the withdrawal method and country, confirm the payment by entering the account password and the code from the Google Authenticator application (the user can configure the application in the account settings).

After confirming, a message is sent to the user’s e-mail which should also be confirmed, then the payment goes to the system and is carried out by the finance department, usually within 24 hours. Funds ready to withdraw are limited to funds earned from commission or available products. Deposits cannot be withdrawn, deposited funds have to be used for the purchase of available products.

Can I withdraw all funds from my account at once?

There is no specific limit on the withdrawal of funds accumulated on the FutureNet account, if users meet all the terms of the payout, the can withdraw all funds accumulated on his account at once.

Can I get an invoice for my payments on FutureNet?

Invoices are available to download under the Provisions tab at “Provisions” > “Invoices” (https://futurenet.club/business/invoices).

About the Bonus System

How does the Friends Bonus work?

Users receive a Friends Bonus from each person in their Matrix tree that purchases a product package. The bonus is 5% of the value of a given package and is granted once for each user. Friend Bonus commissions can be checked at https://futurenet.club/business/comission/ under the tab marked “Friends Bonus”. This bonus works up to the 10th level of the matrix tree (level 1 is the first 3 people in the matrix tree, the so-called first matrix line).

What is the Matching Bonus?

The Matching Bonus is awarded at up to 50% of the income of a direct referral who is in the structure of the Matrix tree. Matching Bonus is granted only for revenues earned from the Friends Bonus. The amount of Matching Bonus also depends on the level of the Matrix package owned by the user. The Matching Bonus works on every level of the tree.

What is the Leader Bonus?

The Leader Bonus is an additional bonus granted to users with a well-developed matrix tree structure. The bonus does not limit the level of the structure. It is only awarded for the revenues earned through direct referrals. The Leader Bonus qualification table can be found on the “Qualifications” sub-page> “Leader Bonus” https://futurenet.club/business/qualification/leaderbonus.

What is the Social Media Bonus?

The Social Media Bonus is an important element of the platform. Users receive this bonus for their activity on FutureNet. It is calculated in accordance with a special script that takes into account certain parameters of the user’s activity, in particular the use of FutureNet chat. Users can receive a maximum of $ 0.5 per day with this bonus.

What is the Advertising Sales Bonus?

If the user invites people who will then buy advertisements on the platform, they receive a 20% commission from the referral’s purchase.